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[Radio] Part 3: Staff Engagement - The Engaged and The Highly Engaged

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This is the group that most employers dream of having when thinking about hiring new staff. This is not surprising since engaged employees are much more likely to drive better business results. To better understand these awesome group of people, we've deconstructed them by defining their more strong suits and characteristics.


This is the second-highest group of employees according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. While it's fairly easy to recognize human emotions such as happiness or sadness, employee engagement requires a more in-depth approach. This is because important factors, such as results and productivity, can be highly misleading. An employee might be producing results week in week out and still not be engaged.

They Like Their Job

Unlike the almost engaged employee, the engaged employee is not just satisfied with their position; they genuinely like their jobs. This means that the employee is motivated to take on new tasks and perform duties to better the organization. Whether that's because they want to better themselves or the company, all that matters is that they have a sense of passion and motivation.

They Know That They Matter

There is no better feeling than knowing that the company you work for values your input; this especially so in companies with a large workforce. Since these employees know that their work fills a large part of their life and that their input does not go unrecognized, you can expect a fully satisfied employee going beyond their means to meet company goals. Companies that appreciate their employees are more likely to have engaged teams than companies that do not.

High Achievers

They say that great employees are the ones that perform their duties even when the boss is not watching; the same is true for engaged workers. An engaged worker will take the initiative to perform even when no one is watching, all for the company's good. This type of employee's standout trait is their determination to excel and outperform expectations when there is no guarantee for reward or recognition. They don't work just to get it done or achieve good enough; instead, they strive to make the best of their time and that of others.


Engagement is contagious, and you'll find an engaged employee actively pursuing collaborations to share ideas, insights, and suggestions for the team's benefit. They realize that problems get solved with the team's active participation and seek out ways to leverage the knowledge and skills of others to get things done. The power of the team, in turn, helps the team tackle change and difficult projects without feeling overwhelmed.

The Highly Engaged

Having highly engaged employees is every employer's dream. Since this group of people has the most productive team members, it guarantees that your team will go the extra mile to ensure the organization runs as efficiently as possible. Statics have shown that highly engaged employees are less likely to miss deadlines and take a lot of days off, which boosts a team's productivity. The more productive a person is, the more likely they are to influence fellow team members to follow suit.

They Love Their Job and Enjoy What They Do

The major difference between an engaged employee and a highly engaged employee is that an engaged employee likes his/her job while a highly engaged employee absolutely loves their job. HR experts are quick to point out that employees who love their job are more likely to have fun while maintaining a level of productivity. With this in mind, companies are increasingly being advised to create atmospheres where employees can have fun both in and out of the office. After all, a happy employee is an engaged employee.

Inspire Others To Do Their Best

Nowadays, most work environments require employees to collaborate. This comes down to the fact that teamwork is a proven strategy to get larger and complex things done while fostering relationships. In that case, a highly engaged employee is constantly pushing other team members to be the best as they set a good example of what a motivated employee should look like. Since a motivated employee is more likely to have a positive attitude and gets more things done, it's like that this trait will rub off on other colleagues.

High Performance

Keeping a whole team engaged can sometimes prove a hard task to accomplish but engaging a high-performing employee is actually quite easy. This high-performing attitude will push your employee to always aim for the top. They are not satisfied with their status quo and look for opportunities to get more from themselves and their team. These individuals are always open to constructive criticism and feedback because it gives them the chance to learn and improve.

Has Passion For The Job

As you most probably already know, a passionate employee is an engaged employee. Passion is the one trait that makes all the difference in terms of quality work and commitment. An employee lacking the passion for the job might get the work done. But the difference will be seen in the employees' long-term performance. A dispassionate employee, sooner or later, show signs of lacking motivation and decreased productivity. Every now and then, organizations need someone to go above and beyond their job. Passionate employees thrive on planning, and doing all it takes to get the job done.


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