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Ally Nitschke is the perfect Keynote Speaker for your next event. Described as Equal parts Engaging, Authentic and Hilarious (with a capital 'H' was a real career highlight).

Ally shares her message through captivating storytelling, audience interaction and simple, practical ideas that can be implemented straight away. 

Ally Nitschke


Ally Nitschke, Founder of Made For More

Known as a High-Performance Leader, Woman Leadership Expert and driven toward success, Ally is on a mission to help organisations create and grow Courageous Leaders and sustain high performance without the stress and burnout.

Her flagship program Courageous Leaders delivers a fresh, energetic and practical approach to achieving results through simple leadership strategies that actually work; leaning into tough conversations, setting a clear vision, and developing a road map to get there.

Following an ethos of 'prevention is better than cure', Ally teaches her unique 'incubator of resentment framework' to businesses around Australia, helping them create spirited company cultures and prevent performance issues before they happen.

As an executive coach, Ally calls a spade-a-space and is a straight-talking, pull-no-punches coach that is uncompromising when it comes to results and works with leaders to cut through to the heart of their issues.

Also a mother of four boys under seven, Ally can multitask like a boss. She's mastered the art of running a tight ship with military precision without compromising on creativity, collaboration, and fun. Ally believes in doing 'life on purpose', and brings that philosophy into everything she does at work and at home.

With a background in arts, finance, project & change management, and over 15 years of experience leading and coaching teams, Ally is exceptional at connecting the dots and streamlining systems to ensure organisations and their people are ready for Courageous Leadership!

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Ally Nitschke, CSP

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation represents the pinnacle of achievement in the speaking industry, reserved for Australia's most elite and accomplished speakers. This internationally recognised accreditation signifies unwavering professionalism, expertise, and a proven ability to captivate audiences and deliver exceptional value.


CSP speakers are more than just charismatic presenters; they are industry leaders who have demonstrated a consistent track record of success in the demanding world of professional speaking, training, facilitation, and coaching. They possess extensive experience, command respect within their fields, and consistently deliver impactful and transformative experiences from the platform and stage.


Awarded to only a select few within the Australian speaking landscape, the rigorous accreditation process ensures that CSP speakers meet the highest standards of professionalism, knowledge, and effectiveness.

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Why do I do this?

I absolutely LOVE doing what I do now. Helping people to fulfil their potential and achieve things they never thought possible is something I find incredibly rewarding.

I love hearing success stories from podcast listeners, like how it has inspired them to build their confidence, go for a promotion, or even start their own business.

I love the feedback I get from audience members who say “Thank you for your presentation, it was the most inspiring thing I’d heard all conference”. I love knowing that I’ve done my bit help someone improve their lives, even if it’s just a little bit!

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, I invite you to join me on this journey.

What does Made For More actually do?

1. The ‘Made For More’ Podcast — a weekly show where I share my own stories, lessons and tips, as well as interview expert guests. It’s available for free in iTunes, Spotify and Android directories.

2. Coaching Programs — I offer 1:1 and group coaching for high performing leaders and managers. Coaching can be done in-person or online via Zoom. Click here to learn more about different programs. like how to start a Courageous Conversation, how to become a Courageous Leader, how to Lead With Courage and many more.

3. Speaking and workshops — I speak at businesses, conferences and universities on the topics of courageous conversation, leadership, leading with courage. Email me at to discuss how I can add value to your team, members or community.

Here’s how you can get started

Made For More was born out of a desire to inspire people, and to help them recognise and believe that they are made for more. To do more, to be more and to achieve more.

Everything we do through our workshops, programs and coaching provides our clients with the confidence and clarity they need to achieve their goals and be exceptional at what they do.


At Made For More our education is focused on proven and modern leadership practices, in accordance with leading research on high performance workplaces. Our goal is to develop leaders who are courageous, empathetic and aware of how their actions affect both teams and their own success.

We give our clients the tools to get beneath the surface of common personal, team and organisational issues, the skills to resolve them effectively, and the confidence to continuously improve culture and performance.

Through our experience, we've found that people are most effective at work and in life when they have the confidence and competence to develop strong healthy relationships. We believe the basis of this is built on openness, honesty, trust, achievement and excellent communication. At Made For More we build this confidence and trust in our clients so that they can level up their mindset, level up their leadership and level up their teams .

Our approach to leadership was recently described as "Modern, Fresh and Uplifting" The Made For More ethos and programs get results! People and organisationS who worked with us have achieved:

  • Improved staff and customer satisfaction, sales and growth

  • Identified real strengths, goals and better job-fit

  • Improved communication and culture within teams and across organisation

  • Career advancement into senior leadership positions, and

  • For organisations, attraction and retention of highly skills and motivated people

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