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How Courageous Are Your People?


Most people are familiar with constructive feedback, but when you are a leader and when you are providing feedback, it's not always about constructive feedback, but also good feedback. 

The emotional bank account: the money that comes in is like good feedback, and the money that goes out is constructive feedback. To make sure we have money available when the time comes to withdraw, we have to put money into the bank account. 

One constructive feedback is equal to five good feedbacks.

Constructive feedback comes as a surprise and disrupts the relationship, so we should make sure that there is a buffer of positive feedback so that the relationship doesn't fall into pieces.

As a part of maintaining our relationship with our team, we can continually add to the bank account by giving compliments, finding good things to provide feedback on, and, of course, thanking each other.


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Ally was our guest speaker and presenter at our RISE Event on the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula for September 2020. Ally brought so much energy, vibrancy, laughter and showed a room full of women that it is in fact possible to have both business and family life, and to flourish in both! I look forward to working with Ally again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker who is honest, real and passionate about her lifestyle, beliefs and business. Thank you Ally!

- Melanie Hansen, Integrative Women's Health Coach

I got to see Ally speak at the RISE event with Melanie Hansen. From the moment she started speaking, Ally had the audience captivated with her stories, humour and content. She was so well-spoken and professional and I received so much value from her message around how to improve my leadership skills of not only my business but my life. She also somehow managed to get me back a few hours of "me-time" every day which I am now thoroughly enjoying! Thank you Ally!!

- Kate Burr, Professional Event MC

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I recently attended one of Ally's webinars about nurturing a leadership mindset, and I can't recommend it enough! I learnt a lot in just 60 minutes. Ally was very engaging and open and her webinar taught me some new skills that I was able to action right away. I highly recommend working with Ally. She definitely knows what she's talking about!

- Zviko Masiiwa, Marketing Specialist