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About Made For More

Women Leadership expert in Australia known for her flagship program Courageous Leaders delivers a fresh, energetic and practical approach to achieving results through simple leadership strategies that actually work; leaning into tough conversations, setting a clear vision, and developing a road map to get there.

Leadership Landscape

Our Leadership Networking Breakfasts are quite the hit. If you'd like to connect with other leaders around Adelaide be sure to book in for our next event.

Courageous Conversations

A courageous conversation is a meaningful conversation that leads to progress and resolution or solution. To stay competitive in today's rapidly changing economy, management teams need to work together, productively, efficiently and be able to communicate effectively. Made For More works with teams to explore how teams operate, communicate and engage their staff.

Courageous Conversation Model

Courageous Conversation Model talks about pushing yourself from your comfort zone so that you are able to enter into your growth zone. It helps to recognise a tough conversation and push you through that uncomfortableness emerging out courageous and confident. It is being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Crush it Daily Planner

Crush it Daily Planner helps you work through your goal setting and develop an actionable plan. It optimises your priorities and provides clarity on what you need to work on next. This daily planner grants you an opportunity to celebrate the little things that you do everyday.

Iceberg Model

The iceberg model explains how our conscious and subconscious mind operates and how it drive behaviour. The up-top of an iceberg reflects our conscious thoughts, things that we are engaged with and are aware of. Below the surface lies our subconscious beliefs or social norms or the assumptions that we are usually unaware of, which determine our behaviour.

Incubator of Resentment

Being resentful towards someone or something is a very difficult state to recover from. "Choosing discomfort over resentment", means we should choose to engage in the uncomfortable behaviour if avoiding the issue will cause resentment later on. A few seconds of being uncomfortable with someone by speaking out is much better than falling into the resentment spiral which might affect your mental health.

Feedback Framework

The ability to give feedback is as important as the ability to receive it. Giving and receiving specific and timely feedback will open up an honest and a frank conversation. Feedback framework helps in preventing any further instances of a difficult conversation or occurrence of resentment.

The State Method

The State Method provides a proper method of responding while having a conversation or things happening around us. It begins with: S: Sharing your facts T: Telling your story A: Asking for other's path T: Talking tentatively E: Encouraging testing

Emotional Bank Account

Depositing frequent constructive or good feedback in your team's emotional bank account is essential to prevent disruption of relationships at your workplace. As a leader, it is important to start recognising those small efforts that your team is making which will ultimately lead to a great performance or behavior.

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