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3 Simple Steps to lean into Discomfort and Communicate with Confidence
Is your workplace ready for Courageous Leadership? 
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Rise of The Courageous Leader

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In this captivating book, author Ally Nitschke takes you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and leadership excellence. Through her own remarkable experiences and profound insights, she reveals the secrets to becoming a truly exceptional leader—
one who leaves an indelible mark on people's lives.

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Three-time Freedom award winner and recipient of the 2022 Kerrie Nairn Scholarship (Professional Speakers Association), 40 under 40 nominee, Ally Nitschke is a Leadership Expert, Courageous Conversation specialist and Global Speaker. 

Obsessed with courage, and flexing your courage muscle, Ally helps leaders to build their confidence, improve their communication and level up their leadership to truly connect with and influence their team. 

Ally has helped thousands of leaders develop their Confidence, Communication and Clarity. She typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, transformational programs and coaches and practices her courageous conversations while running a household with 4 little boys aged 8 and under. She is the creator and host of the Made For More Podcast.

3 Simple Steps to lean Into Discomfort and Communicate with Confidence. .
$29.00 (Signed by the Author)
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Rise of the Courageous Leader

Publisher: Sparkle Publishing
Release Date: June 2022
Format: Paperback and E-book 
ISBN: 978-0-6455001-0-3

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A New Era of Leadership
Over the last two years, leaders are looking for a better way to lead and engage their people. With constant and relentless change being the norm today, leaders are trying to do more with less, remain customer-centric and keep their teams adapting to the new world of work. The challenge all leaders face today is finding and keeping great people; to feel them connected and engaged. To do this leaders need to be able to be courageous, have Courageous Conversations and drive a culture of courage in their organisations.

Are you ready to step up to the next era of leadership?

Rise of the Courageous Leader outlines the important skills you need to start flexing to make leadership easier, more enjoyable and more impactful. It explores and uncovers the soft skills you need to lead yourself, lead your team, and lead your organisation. 

Rise of the Courageous Leaders is a practical approach to leadership to inspire you as a leader, influence your team and have a massive impact within your organisation. It does. a deep dive into how leaders can really lead their teams with connection, empathy and courage. 

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Ally Nitschke.

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Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and empowered. Through Ally's compelling storytelling and actionable advice, you'll develop a deep understanding of the three key pillars to developing your Courageous Leadership style and approach. Whether you're a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, this book will propel you towards greatness and rethink what leadership could be for you, your team, and your organisation.


Dive into the pages of this extraordinary book and discover the 9 attributes of Courageous Leaders that will unlock your true leadership potential.

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