Courageous Leaders

Exclusive 6 month professional development program for Adelaide's leaders ready to amplify their career. 

The Courageous Leaders program is essential for leaders who want to take their career to the next level. It's for leaders who are currently managing teams and want to improve, inspire and grow their staff to deliver great results.


The Courageous Leaders program is for managers struggling with stress, overwhelm and lack of direction who have a fire in their belly and are ready to step it up and own their space.


The Courageous Leaders program will take you from frazzled, frozen and floundering to confident, clear and courageous by delving deep into you becoming a better communicator and help you create deeper and more meaningful connections to yourself, your team and your organisation.

"People don't quit their jobs, they quit their bosses."
Want to Level up your leadership?
What is the Courageous Leaders Program?

The Courageous Leaders Program is an exclusive 6 month professional development program for business leaders, managers and supervisors. We work with leaders around Australia who want one thing; to level-up their leadership more courageously and powerfully than every before..


It is a unique membership style program designed to thrust you forward using the latest in leadership principles, emotional intelligence, strategy and the art of courageous conversations.


Through a mix of masterclasses, 1:1 sessions, and small group coaching, this program will elevate your career or business and enhance every area of your life, giving you the confidence, self-belief, and leadership direction to create a career, business and life to flourish in.


The Courageous Leaders program is not about skimming the surface, ticking boxes or handing out participation certificates. It takes you on a deep dive to create a leadership vision, strategy and style connected to your purpose, values and strengths.


It will take you from where you are today, to confident, crystal clear and where you need to be in 6 months



It's not just 'classroom learning and churning' either... Over six months you'll gain an all-access pass to Ally, so you can get the exact kind of help you need to launch you to the next level in your career or business ladder.

Ally is a great coach and I feel lucky to have worked with her. She has managed to empower me to go from confused to clear on where I want to head. She provides lots of great resources, encouragement, and is realistic but also knows when to give me a push to go for what

I am made for!!!

~ Donna

Why our programs work.

Our programs work because they are evidence-based, tried and tested, and capped at a small number of participants to give you the personalised attention you need to develop the best strategy for you and implement tangible actions straight away.


Our philosophy is to go deep. We go courageously where others wont for real life change. Transformational change.


With a long list of qualifications and experience including Diploma of management and leadership. Over 15 years experience in corporate leadership both in the private and government sectors.


Ally has been leveling up managers and teams for the last decade, and she can get you there too.


We believe in continuous learning and development to ensure we are consistently delivering tactical, tangible programs that really do work.

Who is it for?

The Courageous Leader program is for you if you’re ready to level-up your leadership and create a great career and life.


The Courageous Leader program is for you if you want to get crystal clear on your leadership vision and direction... and you’re willing to put in the work to get there.


The Courageous Leader program is for you if you want to be an excellent communicator who speaks with influence


The Courageous Leader program is for you if you want to be held accountable, to strive for more, reach for more, achieve more… and you're coach-able.


The Courageous Leaders program is for you if you're made for more and you’re ready to SOAR!

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