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Lessons In Leadership,
From The Dancefloor To The Boardroom.
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In this captivating Amazon Bestseller, author Ally Nitschke takes you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and leadership excellence. Through her own remarkable experiences and profound insights, she reveals the secrets to becoming a truly exceptional leader— one who leaves an indelible mark on people's lives.

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Three-time Freedom award winner and recipient of the 2022 Kerrie Nairn Scholarship (Professional Speakers Association), 40 under 40 nominee, Ally Nitschke is a Leadership Expert, Courageous Conversation specialist and Global Speaker. 

Obsessed with courage, and flexing your courage muscle, Ally helps leaders to build their confidence, improve their communication and level up their leadership to truly connect with and influence their team. 

Ally has helped thousands of leaders develop their Confidence, Communication and Clarity. She typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, transformational programs and coaches and practices her courageous conversations while running a household with 4 little boys aged 8 and under. She is the creator and host of the Made For More Podcast.

Lessons In Leadership,
From The Dancefloor To The Boardroom.


Publisher: Sparkle Publishing
Release Date: 2nd December 2023
Format: Paperback and E-book
ISBN: 978-0645500141

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From the moment you open this book, you'll be captivated by the author's infectious energy and unyielding passion. With each turn of the page, she implores you to embrace life's challenges head-on, to dive into the deep end with unwavering determination. Drawing parallels between her own journey as a professional ballet dancer and her extensive corporate leadership career, she shares the powerful lessons she's learned about courage, resilience, and grace.


In this extraordinary exploration of leadership, you'll discover the importance of the "Grunt, Grit, and Grace" philosophy. Through chapters that delve into topics like resilience, influence, patience, and integrity, you'll uncover the essential qualities that set extraordinary leaders apart from the rest. With practical wisdom and profound insights, Ally guides you through the transformative process of becoming the best leader you can be.

This book is not just for leaders seeking positional power or financial gain...

It is for those rare individuals who lead with purpose, driven by a deep desire to positively impact the lives of others. It's a guidebook for the 23%ers, the leaders who understand that true leadership is about human connection and leaving a lasting legacy.

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Ally Nitschke.

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Powerhouse resource for senior and exec leaders in the pursuit of excellence.


Insightful, creative, unique and ultimately beautiful assessment of modern day leadership and how we can all choreograph our own leadership story.

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Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and empowered. Through Ally's compelling storytelling and actionable advice, you'll develop the resilience to overcome any obstacle, the determination to push beyond your limits, and the grace to lead with integrity and compassion. Whether you're a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, this book will propel you towards greatness.


Dive into the pages of this extraordinary book and discover the Grunt, Grit, and Grace that will unlock your true leadership potential.

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