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Something i hear from frequently from exceptional women, is that they're not sure what value they bring to the table after an extended period of time of managing their tiny people (sometimes referred to as maternity leave). Between the shift from woman to mother, the sleep deprivation and main snack provider, this book unpacks how managing 3 year olds is not dissimilar to managing a team, and explains the new skills you bring to the table as an exceptional leader and mother. 

Ally is a mother of 4 and has written this book through the 3am wakeups while trying to wrangle toddlers, snacks, be a decent wife, and good friend. You don't need to juggle all the balls, only the important ones... and if you drop any, they're going to be exactly where you left them if/when you want to pick them up again. Here's to being the CEO of your life, and raising tomorrows leaders. #godspeed


Lessons In Leadership Through Motherhood

GST Included
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