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Leadership - Be the Lighthouse

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

In times of crisis (in this case, the uncertainty of the impact of coronavirus), we look to leaders. If you’re a leader, your people are looking to you.

If you’ve previously heard one of my keynotes, I talk about ‘being the lighthouse’. I reference this famous picture here.

As a leader you have a choice. You can stand strong and withstand the chaos. You can be a beacon of light and direction during this storm and uncertain time. Or, you can be the water and go with the current and the underlying panic.

Either way, you get to choose how you respond and how you react.

If you decide to be the lighthouse, here’s some self-coaching questions you can ask yourself on how you can (literally) weather this storm and get your head in the game ready for your team before Monday.

1.       Get clear on what is in your circle of control. What can you influence, what’s beyond your circle of influence. And where are the gaps?

2.      What’s your focus for the next week? The next month? And what’s your 90-day plan, to prepare yourself and equip yourself?

3.      Thinking directly of your team. Who do you need to be to show up for them? Who needs you on your a-game? Who are you responsible for?

4.     In a time when hashtag vulnerability is the new black for leadership, are you ready to embrace it and be okay to not (yet) know, what you don’t know (and admit it to your team)?

5.      What support are you going to require? Be articulate. If you’re the lighthouse, you’re going to need a strong foundation, what is your routine around self care and resilience?

Lastly remember, you always have a choice on how you react, and how you’re going to respond. 


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