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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Over the next several weeks (or months, we'll see how we go), i'll be interviewing some kick ass women for my blog series 'While they were sleeping'. Well be talking all things, kids, family, work and business. How these women are ''. No excuses.

Tell me a little bit about your business.

I run a herbal tea business, where you can subscribe to receive a new herbal tea blend each month. I also make tea packs and can create custom blends as requested.

How many children do you have, and what are their ages?

2 – 4 years and 6 years

Do you have a ‘morning routine’ and can you share it with me?

Morning routine usually involves me staying in bed as long as possible, getting up and getting the kids fed, dressed and out the door ready for kindy/school! Then I go grab a coffee and make a plan for my day.

Can you walk me through a typical day?

After dropping the kids off and picking up a coffee I come home and make a to-do list for my day, it usually involves some type of house work and some type of work on my business. I do my house work first so it’s done and out of the way and I can then concentrate on my business without feeling like I “should” be doing more around the house.

Business work can be anything – blending and packaging my teas, creating content (for social media, writing blog posts etc), updating my website and online store, packing orders and writing notes, emails, networking, etc. I usually spend the first half hour of my business day on social media – engaging with my customers, networking, liking and commenting on posts etc. This has been very valuable to me in building up my business and making my presence known online.

How do you fit raising children around working or running your own business? What’s outside the box?

I’m lucky in that I didn’t start my business until my first child was at kindy, so having 2 days a week with only one my son at home was a great help. It also helped that he just loves playing on his own building lego and doing craft so I found it relatively easy to work on my business whilst he was home.

Also on the days where my son wouldn’t let me get work done I did some work once the kids were in bed for the night. Even doing just an hour or so every night adds up each week and I definitely found this beneficial.

What do you do, just for you to fill your own cup?

Get a coffee every morning after dropping the kids off! This is a must in every day for me! I also love doing Yoga once the kids have gone to bed, this time allows me to switch off, relax and also take note of how I feel and what I have accomplished for the day.

What’s something you practice to get yourself out of a funk?

This has taken a lot of work for me to actually realise when I am in a funk but for me I need to be alone to reset. Sometimes I just go in the bedroom and shut the door for 5 minutes and take some deep breaths, othertimes I will go for a drive, and yoga always helps me to reset.

Do you have a quote you live by? And what does it mean for you?

Ohh good question! I don’t actually have a favourite quote but any time I’m feeling like I need a boost of motivation for my business I listen to Robin Sharma’s podcast, I find him incredibly motivating!

Thank you so much!


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