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Zoom Fatigue.. Got you feeling, well fatigued??

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

It's no surprise that the convenience of being able to work remotely also has a downside. Cue ZOOM FATIGUE

While zoom fatigue is real, Here's a neat little mind trick to get you feeling refreshed in a matter of minutes. While I like to call it a Ninja Mind Trick, it's actually an ancient Hawaiian method called Hakalau. The Hakalau, also called The Learning state, is an ancient practice that uses peripheral vision to bring you to a meditative (and refreshed) state. This technique is hands down the easiest and quickest way to beat zoom fatigue, and it's also great if you're feeling overwhelmed or overcome by negative emotion. The way it works is by using your peripheral vision. Because you're seeing through that vision your physiology is more relaxed. Meaning you cannot process negative emotion while in Hakalau. How to do Hakalau

All you need to get started is a place to sit with your feet on the ground (i.e an office chair) and a spot to look at (mark on the wall, crack in the ceiling, or you can download this dot, print it out and stick it to your wall). Sitting in a relaxed position, look up at the dot/spot/mark, so that your eye line is looking into your eyelashes. if you're sitting at your desk this is about 1-2 feet about your screen. Focus all your attention on that dot. As you do, start to extend your awareness out to either side. Notice what you can see (while still focusing on your spot/dot/mark), what can you hear, what are you aware of. With each deep inhale and exhale extend your awareness further and further out until your awareness is past what you can 'see', and your focus (still looking at the dot) is on what you can hear... down the hallway, down to the street etc. When you've gone as far as you can, with each inhale and exhale come back into the room, your seat, and back to the awareness of how you're feeling. How are you feeling now? Better I bet! If you like this exercise, and would like the guided voice (my voice) to follow along, email and we'll send you the link to the private guided exercise.


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