007: Failure as Feedback; A Crucial Key To Success with Amber Renae

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One of the most challenging skills you can ever acquire is knowing when to quit and when to keep going. Often, things don’t go according to plan. We are all bound to mess up sometime. However, how we deal with our failures is what ultimately defines who we are.

Failing will most likely hurt; sometimes a lot. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you feel confident about something and are incredibly passionate about something else, there’s no harm in trying your hand at something new.

Living a life without failure is impossible unless you are so cautious about your every step that you might not have lived at all.

Gold Nuggets and failure in one setting are unheard of. But that’s what this episode is about. We’ve packed so much information about failing, dusting yourself after setbacks, and all you need to know about setting up a successful online business. 


  • Introduction (1:30)

  • Being good at something vs being passionate about something (2:20)

  • Making international sales pre-internet (3:30)

  • Failure: things taking a turn for the worst (4:42)

  • Being unemployed and unemployable (6:55)

  • Solid knowledge without opportunities (7:44)

  • The birth of E-courses (8:20)

  • Purpose and living in service (9:40)

  • Leadership and personal branding (11:03)

  • Developing yourself as a personal brand (12:45)

  • The mindset philosophy (13:08)

  • Success is 80% mindset (13:12)

  • Imposter syndrome and perfectionism (14:11)

  • Struggles of a female engineer (15:30)

  • Learning the art of communication (16:45)

  • Taking different communication approaches with different people (18:12)

  • Productivity Tips (18:55)

  • Figuring out what works for you (19:33)

  • Dream Life (23:08)

  • Turning your online business dreams into reality (23:11)

  • The D-R-E-A-M acronym (23:15)

  • Top 5 tips for upcoming leaders (26:31)

  • Resilience in leadership (27:28)

  • Learning techniques for you and your team (28:21)

  • How to become an effective listener (28:41)

  • Learning as much as possible from industry specialists (29:50)





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Amber Renae is an Australian civil engineer turned fashion stylist turned leading e-course specialist. After stumbling with her first attempts in the business world, she has cracked the entrepreneurial code to build three six-figure businesses. She continues to teach thousands of students all over the world about personal branding and how to package their expertise into e-courses that automatically generate income.


Amber demystifies the online business world into easy-to-understand, actionable chunks. Operating a business this way has given her the nomadic freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Her other e-courses include mindset and fashion-styling. Her mission is to positively impact 1 billion lives through education, inspiration, and empowerment.


This hasn’t come without its challenges. Amber has battled all the challenges that building a career has to offer - from drastic jumps across diverse industries, to putting everything into a business that doesn’t work out (and even left her broke and in hospital) - Amber has seen it all and survived it all.


She was recently selected to be an expert on a current reality series called Dream Life Los Angeles that premiered on FYI in the US on August 9th. The show follows Amber and her co-creator, Serena DC, on their journey to create the world's first online education program for love, sex and relationships. It also features some Hollywood heavyweights like Caitlyn Jenner and Deepak Chopra.


Amber is now writing an e-book to help guide people to design their own 'dream life'. She is taking all her experiences across career, life and love, and everything else she has endured between home and Hollywood, to deliver all the secrets for taking control of your own success.