Returning to the workPLACE

With many businesses and organisations returning to a new level of business as usual as staff and teams are returning to the workplace. To be clear, this is not returning to work, this is returning to the workPLACE.

There’s an underling questions of; 'What will that mean?' 'How do I talk to my staff about this?'

There is no blueprint for this specific scenario. There is no right or wrong way. This is new for everyone. There are  however some steps you can take to help your teams transition to the workplace, and then reassess what it is that now defines your new business as (un)usual.

1.      Talk to your staff, talk to you teams.

You’re not a mind reader, and neither are your staff. ASK what they’re thinking and feeling about returning to the office, what are their concerns, what are their fears, what are they excited about, what are they looking forward to. Lean into the uncomfortable conversations to really understand where everyone is at. Open, honest and frank conversations are key to progress.