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Creating a Culture of Connection and Belonging

Updated: Mar 26

A strong culture is the glue that binds an organisation together and sets it apart from the competition. It's the difference between a group of employees who simply show up to work and do their job, and a team of engaged, passionate individuals who are truly invested in the success of the company. Sadly, far too many organisations today lack that sense of connection and belonging. In fact, a recent study by Gallup found that only 33% of workers feel engaged with their job.

Over the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to speak with a number of leaders whether that’s in a meeting, through coaching or when talking about some of the programs we offer. These conversations are agnostic of industry or even leadership level, and they all have one thing in common. We want our people to feel good at work, or perhaps our people are missing the connection between what we do (mission) and what they do (engaged purpose).

So, what can organisations do to create a culture of connection and belonging? Here are three key things:

1. Encourage open communication

The first step is to encourage open communication between employees and management. When everyone feels like they have a voice, they're more likely to be engaged with their work. Furthermore, open communication fosters a sense of transparency and trust, which are essential ingredients for any healthy culture.

2. Celebrate successes—and failures

It's important to celebrate both successes and failures as a team. That way, everyone knows that it's okay to take risks and experiment. Failure is an essential part of innovation, after all. By learning to embrace failure, employees will feel more comfortable taking risks—which could lead to some big wins for the company down the road.

3. Invest in employee development

Finally, businesses need to invest in employee development. This includes everything from providing training on new software or processes to offering mentorship programs. When employees feel like they're constantly learning and growing, they're much more likely to be engaged with their work—and their company.

A strong culture is critical for any organisation that wants to be successful. By Encouraging open communication, celebrating successes (and failures), and investing in employee development, businesses can create a culture of connection and belonging that will set them apart from the competition.

Until next time Eat the Frog, Get the Worm, Be the Bird, and start creating a culture of connection and belonging.



Ally Nitschke is a Leadership Expert, Courageous Conversation Specialist and Speaker. She has been working with leaders and as a Leader for over 15 years. She is on a mission to change the way we communicate at work, to lean into those uncomfortable conversations and lead with courage. Ally delivers Courageous Conversations Programs, Courageous Leadership programs, Coaching, Mentoring and Keynotes. To inquire about her working with you or your organisation please contact us here.


If you are interested in having Ally speak at an upcoming event or would like more information about Ally's Programs please book a call.

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