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Get ready to reset your mind and your year to really shine!

Welcome to the
Slay & Sparkle Community!

Imagine what you could achieve in 2024 if you had the support of a community of high-achieving business leaders, the guidance of experienced coaches, and the tools and resources you need to succeed.


That's precisely what you'll get when you join our exclusive mastermind group for business leaders.


This capped-at-8-person program will give you the edge you need to start 2024 off on the right foot and achieve your wildest goals.

If you're ready to start 2024 with a bang, then apply now to join our exclusive mastermind group for business leaders. This is your chance to slay your goals, step into your ambition, and sparkle in your leadership.

Here's what you can expect:



Connect with other high-achieving business leaders in a supportive and collaborative environment. Learn from each other's experiences, share ideas, and get feedback on your goals and strategies.

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Gain access to exclusive masterclasses led by successful entrepreneurs and experts on topics such as goal setting, time management, productivity, marketing, sales, and more.

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Get personalized coaching from a successful entrepreneur who can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals and identify and overcome any roadblocks that may be in your way.

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Track your progress and measure your results using our proprietary metrics system. This will help you stay on track and make necessary adjustments as you go.

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Who this is for:


Highly ambitious business leaders with big dreams and big plans to have a big impact, and you know that leadership is essential to your success.


Business leaders who want to create a team that is highly motivated, engaged, and productive? And build a culture of innovation and collaboration while becoming an exceptional leader.


Business leaders who are ready to take their leadership to the next level, be part of a community that is about celebrating success and and sharing together.

Included in our Program:

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Planning Session

Start your journey to success with a personalized planning session with Ally. She will help you clarify your goals, develop a plan of action, and identify the resources and support you need to succeed.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Meditation Tracks

Relax, de-stress, and boost your focus with Ally's guided meditation tracks. She is a certified hypnotist, so you can be confident that her tracks will help give you a subconscious nudge to achieve your desired results.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Self-Paced Learning

Get access to Ally's online learning platform, where you will find a variety of courses and resources to help you achieve your goals. Learn from Ally and other experts on topics such as goal setting, productivity, leadership, and personal development.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

1:1 Momentum

Meet with Ally one-on-one each month to get personalised coaching and support. She will help you stay on track, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals faster.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Recommended Reading

Get a curated list of Ally's favorite books on business, leadership, and personal development. These books will help you learn from the best and achieve your goals faster.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Ultimate Slay & Sparkle Book Stack

Get a set of Ally's best-selling books on business, leadership, and personal development. These books are packed with practical advice and strategies that you can use to achieve your goals.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Weekly Video

Get weekly inspiration and guidance from Ally in her video series. She will cover topics such as goal setting, productivity, leadership, and personal development.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Reflection Journal

A reflection journal is a powerful tool for tracking your progress, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and making necessary adjustments along the way. Ally's reflection journal template will help you get the most out of your journal.

Transform Your Leadership in 2023 with (1).png

Ally on Demand

Need help with something specific? Ally is available on demand to answer your questions and provide support. Just send her a voice message and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

You'll walk away from this program with...

  • A clear plan for the next 12 months

  • Monthly accountability to reach your goals

  • A renewed sense of confidence

  • A cheerleader and sounding board

  • Access to a community of business leaders, just like you; looking to do their best and sparkle at the same time.


Waiting Room

Slay & Sparkle Silver

Inclusions as listed above. 

90 day program

Investment: $4,970 + GST

Slay & Sparkle Powerhouse

Inclusions as per silver 

PLUS additional 90 days
PLUS Guest interview on the Made For More Podcast

Investment: $7,970 + GST

Slay & Sparkle VIP

Inclusions as per Powerhouse

PLUS a VIP day to map out your entire year

PLUS Golden ticket to all Made For More events
PLUS training for your staff

Investment: $17,970 + GST

What People Say About Working with Ally...

Highres Ally 2023 Portraits-240 copy.jpg

Ally Nitschke

Just like having a cheerleader, communication expert and coach in your back pocket.

In the realm of leadership development, a select few individuals truly shine as experts in their field, and Ally Nitschke undoubtedly belongs to this esteemed group.


Her reputation, forged through years of experience and a profound grasp of leadership, communication, and personal growth, positions her as a guiding beacon for those aspiring to elevate their leadership prowess, enhance communication skills, and realise their utmost potential.


Ally's passion impact extends across various avenues, including one-on-one coaching, transformative programs, workshops, masterclasses, and her illuminating “Made For More” podcast.

Ally is phenomenal. She was engaging and knowledgeable. Her communication style made it comfortable and not intimidating to have a view or reply.

Ally was incredibly personable, and passionate and aimed to answer questions on an individual level, to ensure we walked away with knowledge and areas to improve in if neccessary.

Ally is a natural motivator. Trustworthy, a true listener and undeniably upbeat. She is able to guide and encourage those requiring focus and clarity in their lives, through positive thinking and goal setting. Her life experience as a business woman and mother makes her an excellent coach and role model for other women

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