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Courageous Senior Leader

Triple the Confidence, Communication and Clarity in your leaders in the next 6 months.

Want to Level up your leaders?

The Courageous Leaders program is essential for leaders who want to take their career to the next level. It's for leaders who are currently managing teams and want to improve, inspire and grow their staff to deliver great results.


The Courageous Leaders program is for managers struggling with stress, overwhelm and lack of direction who have a fire in their belly and are ready to step it up and own their space.


The Courageous Leaders program will take you from frazzled, frozen and floundering to confident, clear and courageous by delving deep into you becoming a better communicator and help you create deeper and more meaningful connections to yourself, your team and your organisation.

Why Courageous Leadership Matters:

To stay competitive in today's rapidly changing economy, management teams need to work together, productively, efficiently and be able to communicate effectively. Made For More works with teams to explore how teams operate, communicate and engage their staff. We work with teams to facilitate discussions around some of the barriers to improving organisations outcomes and empowering employees.


31% of Leaders report that most of all work within their organisation is done by cross-functional teams. source: Deloitte


Sick of breaking down silos, being the conduit between business units or departments. Playing school yard referee to your leadership team. Unclear on the leadership direction whether they're aligned to the vision and mission of the business. Time for a change.


Having leaders who are open, honest, have robust relationships are aligned to the future business direction and have clear lines of communication means.

  • Communicating effectively with influence and impact

  • Collaboration across the business

  • Focus on performance

  • Employee retention

The Journey

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By the end of the program your leaders will:
  • Increase their performance

  • Work and communicate effectively across the team

  • Have a uniform approach to customer and client interactions

  • Have developed their individual leadership blueprint

  • Aligned their values and vision to the vision and mission of the business

  • Developed a deep sense of trust and personal accountability

  • Have higher levels of enjoyment from work.

  • Have the skills and capability to effectively lead a high performing team.

  • Be able to have tough conversations and manage poor performance

  • Navigate themselves and their teams through change

Courageous Leaders program is ideal for:
  • Businesses who are wanting to support their people to further develop their leadership capabilities.

  • Develop high performing teams

  • Leaders who are going through change and looking to set new operating standards

  • Succession planning

  • Leaders who are ready for their next level of professional development

  • Leaders who are ready to lead high performing team and be challenged

  • Leaders who are struggling to lead their team

Courageous Leaders program is NOT ideal for:
  • Businesses who want a "do as I say" culture

  • Looking for a magic solution without putting in the time and effort

  • Organisations who are looking for a tick and flick program

  • those who want a cookie-cutter/off the shelf approach to leadership development

1. Self-Aware Leaders need to focus on three areas first - Clarity, Confidence and Conviction.
2. The Team Aware leader needs to start looking at the team, and focus on these three areas, Communication, Curiosity and Competence.
3. The Team-Aware Leader needs to focus on Change (leadership), Community and Candour

What participants say

Wish I'd had this decades ago. Tools to empower me as a leader, make better decisions.

Gail Pearson - RSPCA Store Manager


Ally's coaching allowed me to enhance my influence as a leader not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. Coaching has helped me to master my communication style and uncover blocks to my personal success. If you are willing to look deeply and honestly within yourself so that you can reach your highest potential then Ally is the perfect guide.

Dr Gayle Kothari - Senior Leader RSPCA SA


Thank you Ally for the 5 full days of Courageous Leaders, I have taken many leadership and training programs though the years and none have made me come away feeling more empowered than this one. Ally has a unique way of getting you to engage in the conversation throughout the course and getting you to really see the areas you need to concentrate on. Ally is extremely talented with her training style keeps you challenging you thoughts and actions while coming to solutions to react and think differently going forward. I felt Ally to be very genuine in her delivery and full of life , she is the kind of person you want to be around. I encourage anyone to take Ally’s training, it is one big step forward. I thank you for opening my eyes up again.

Jo-Ann Milligan - Manager


Ally is a great coach and I feel lucky to have worked with her. She has managed to empower me to go from confused to clear on where I want to head. She provides lots of great resources, encouragement, and is realistic but also knows when to give me the push to go for what I am made for!!

Donna Adams - Manager NDIS


About Your Facilitator: Ally Nitschke

As an Executive Leadership Coach and accredited Life Design Coach, Ally Nitschke is uncompromising when it comes to results. She calls a spade a spade, a straight talking, pull-no-punches coach that works with leaders to cut through to the heart of the issues. As an NLPMaster Practitioner Ally combines her unique experience with Neuro-science to help leaders and organisations smash through their own limitations.

While most people instinctively avoid confrontation, leadership coach, facilitator and speaker Ally knows great leadership and the ability to communicate well are central to getting results.


With over 15 years of leadership experience working as a leader and partnering with some of Australia’s iconic organisations, Ally knows that being able to have Courageous Conversations are pivotal to a leader’s success. Having led large teams and small teams, and turning around toxic teams, Ally is an expert in bringing perceived tough conversations to the forefront and creating a culture of feedback and robust conversation which significantly reduces performance issues, increases productivity, performance and morale.

Following an ethos of prevention is better than cure, Ally teaches her unique incubator of resentment framework to businesses and organisations around Australia. Working with leaders to amplify their leadership capability, and value proposition and helping them create spirited company cultures and prevent performance issues before they happen.

Also a mother of four boys under seven, Ally can multitask like a boss. She's mastered the art of running a tight ship with military precision without compromising on creativity, collaboration, and fun. Ally believes in doing 'life on purpose', and brings that philosophy into everything she does at work and at home.

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