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Courageous Leadership In the Modern World
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WEBCAST: Courageous Leadership in the Modern World 
Thursday 20th October 2022 - 12:30 PM

To stay competitive in today's rapidly changing economy, management teams need to work together, productively, efficiently and be able to communicate effectively. Made For More works with teams to explore how teams operate, communicate and engage their staff. We work with teams to facilitate discussions around some of the barriers to improving organisation's outcomes and empowering employees.

The common challenges that keep coming up are organisations looking to retain and engage  their existing talent while trying to recruit new employees, the changing generational landscape of the workforce, and putting out people fires while also maintaining momentum and focus on strategic work. 


As a result, I'm running a webcast  where i'll be talking about:

  • The future state of leadership

  • The 3 things leaders need to be doing now to prepare for the next 3-5 years

  • The number one stumbling block to look out for

  • The 5 steps to making time for strategic work.

Thursday 20th October 12:30 PM

About Ally:
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Known as a High-Performance Leader, Woman Leadership Expert and driven toward success, Ally is on a mission to help organisations create and grow Courageous Leaders and sustain high performance without the stress and burnout.

Her flagship program Courageous Leaders delivers a fresh, energetic and practical approach to achieving results through simple leadership strategies that actually work; leaning into tough conversations, setting a clear vision, and developing a road map to get there.

Thursday 20th October 12:30 PM

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