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Boomer to Zoomer

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WEBCAST: Boomer to Zoomer 
Thursday 1st December 2022 - 12:30 PM

With a new generation beginning to enter the workforce. Communication is more important than ever. To be successful in the workplace, the key is a faster connection and the ability to influence the people you're working with. Each generation has specific trends that travel around the world. Generation Z requires a whole new level of understanding to be able to navigate and nurture the emerging talent currently entering the workforce.

About Ally:
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Known as a High-Performance Leader, Woman Leadership Expert and driven toward success, Ally is on a mission to help organisations create and grow Courageous Leaders and sustain high performance without the stress and burnout.

Her flagship program Courageous Leaders delivers a fresh, energetic and practical approach to achieving results through simple leadership strategies that actually work; leaning into tough conversations, setting a clear vision, and developing a road map to get there.

Thursday 1st December 12:30 PM

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