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Leadership coaching is a personal journey. See if you and Ally can go on this journey together.


Whether is your first leadership role or conflict in the workplace. Ally has you covered with some incredibly impactful workshops.


Ally has been leveling up leaders for the past 15 years. She can help you take your leadership to the next level too.


Is your leadership team ready for a shake up. Ally will take your leaders on a journey to Courageous Leadership

Leadership Coaching

Get the Most out of YOUR Life

It is said that people don't leave their jobs, they leave their bosses.

Perhaps you've started a new leadership role and you're feeling a little swamped.


Maybe you've been a leader for a while now but you're just not hitting your stride like you thought you would.


Are you a leader who's spent some time out for the workforce, and now you're back but struggling to get your head back in the game. It can be a juggling act. 

There's a reason leaders choose to work with a coaching professional.


That's to level up their game. Start making some serious inroads into the career. They're ready to be impactful. They want to make a difference to their team. They're thirsty for a promotion. They want to go from acceptable to EXCEPTIONAL.

Sound like you?

Book in a Free discovery session with Ally to see if you'd be a good fit.


Professional Development Workshops and Masterclasses

Education, Performance, Communication, Commitment

There's something to be said about taking a day out of the office to work ON yourself.

Made for More runs two workshops each quarter. 

Step Into Leadership and Courageous Conversations - in the workplace

Each workshop is uniquely designed to take participants on a deep dive into leadership or conversation where they learn a number of tangible skills to be implemented immediately. 

Step into Leadership

Step into Leadership is an essential one day workshop from new and emerging leaders.

We'll spend a day looking at leadership 101, why empathy is so important at a leader (and how to get some) plus you'll leave with your own leadership plan for the next 12mths.

Courageous Conversations in the workplace

Courageous conversations are those ones that make us feel iky. The 'tough conversations' the dealing with 'difficult personalities' conversations. Imagine an entire day dedicated to learning how to communicate with influence, what happens to us physiologically when we need to have a tough conversations. Plus the plans and templates to execute Courageous conversations in all settings in the workplace.


What's different about our workshops?

At Made For More we truly support our participants by offering a 30 day implementation period where participants can contact Ally for private one on one coaching to help implement any of the skills learnt in either workshop.

Peaked your interest?


Courageous Leaders Program 2020

Connect, Communicate, Lead

Our Courageous Leaders is an exclusive professional development program for Adelaide's leaders

ready to take their career to the next level.

Through a mix of masterclasses, 1:1 session and small group coaching, our Courageous leaders program will elevate your career or business and enhance every area of your life. 

The Courageous leaders program is not about skimming the surface, ticking boxes or handing our participation certificates. It takes you on a deep dive to create a leadership vision, strategy and style that's truly connected to your purpose, values and strengths. 

The Courageous leaders program is for leaders who are ready to level up their leadership in a big way.

Ready to go big?


Corporate Partnerships

Leadership, Culture, Change Management and Performance

You know what we love?

Getting our hands dirty working with your leaders, your teams and your organisation to really turn around, culture, performance and leadership .


Sometimes its easy accept 'it's the way we've always done things' in lieu of getting uncomfortable and growing your people.

The biggest impact on high performance by 70-80% is the culture

The biggest impact on culture by 70-80% is....


At Made For More, we believe that leadership is everyone's business. While some of your team a leaders and managers by title we believe that for a truly exceptional organisation everyone need to adapt a leadership mindset. 

That's why our seminars, workshops, programs and courses are all designed especially for you and your organisations unique feel and heartbeat.

Ally has been working with organisations throughout Adelaide and internationally to level up their leaders, get teams communicating effectively and changing up toxic culture through the art of courageous conversations and courageous leadership. 

If your organisation is ready for a shake up, contact Ally to see what bespoke programs can be designed for you to turn your organisation around.