057: From SMART to SMARTER goals: Emotions and Reward with Keith Abraham

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Goal setting is a common personal and professional phenomenon. One of the most common time to set a goal is at the new year. We hear of our friends, family and colleagues setting goals for the year which can be as simple as improving your sleeping habits to securing a promotion. But what is even more common is not following it through; many-a-times the goals remain as goals.

Right from the school days we have heard of SMART goals. So, is it that your goals were not SMART enough that you could not follow through? May be it's time to move from SMART to SMARTER goals.

People often lack commitment, connection and a compelling sense to work towards achievement of the goals. There is a need to have the Emotional connection and Reward elements in the goal. Goals need drivers to be realised. Of the 135 emotions that we experience, you will be surprised to know that there are 8 goal drivers.

To better understand the dynamic role of the goal drivers, we are glad to bring to you, our guest for this episode, Keith Abraham, a multi-award-winning speaker on goal setting with his insights and thoughts on goal drivers. Listen to his phenomenal talk on goal-beyond-goal and tips for making your goals a reality.


  • ·     Getting to know Keith Abraham (2:59)

  • ·     Basics of goal setting (5:28)

  • ·     SMART to SMARTER goals (6:58)

  • ·     Rewards (9:41)

  • ·     Goal beyond the goal (11:10)

  • ·     Emotions and goals (12:15)

  • ·     8 drivers of goals (13:31)

  • ·     Goal setting diagnostic (17:28)

  • ·     Successful influencer (20:26)

  • ·     Short term Vs. long term goals (27:27)

  • ·     Top five tips for leaders (34:13)

  • ·     Move from ‘Am I’ to ‘I am’ (36:38)

  • ·     Personal words to listeners (40:06)




Book: Be Book: 100 life time goals

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Keith Abraham is the global authority on goal achievement and the creator of the GoalDriver™ Formula. A formula designed to accurately determine what energises and engages each individual, driving them to achieve the unimaginable, unreachable and unattainable.

With over 22 years as a professional speaker, delivering to over 340 clients in 29 different countries, Keith Abraham has been the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career. In 1999, Keith became a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), putting him in the top 7% of professional speakers worldwide. He has experienced great success in Australia and in 2002 he received the highest award given to a Professional Speaker—the Nevin Award. In 2012 he was named Keynote Speaker of the Year.