054: The Gift Mindset: What to Do When Life Throws You a Curveball with Renee Giarrusso

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Each of us is limitless, and self-leadership is where it begins. You can't lead others until you know who you are and what you stand for. As a leader, it is essential to energise mindset, accelerate communication, collaboration, and leadership to lift performance and culture. You should be self-aware and have a clear goal for the adaptive leadership mindset where leaders do the things that really matter & create future leaders.

There are skills that you need to have to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution. Empathy is an essential skill, which allows us to see things through the eyes of others. The other is optimism -- appreciating what you have and focusing on what you can do. The last one is curiosity: observing, asking questions, and exploring the things you are curious about.


In today’s episode, we have Renee Giarrusso, Founder & CEO RG Dynamics-Limitless Leaders to share with us the key traits of being a limitless leader. Listen to the episode to learn the importance of each skill in detail.


  • Getting to Know Renee Giarrusso (05:21)

  • The biggest shift from 16 years ago to now (07:34)

  • Self-leadership (09:40)

  • Important soft skills for leaders (10:33)

  • Gift of empathy, optimism, and curiosity (16:25)

  • The great resignation (17:56)

  • Building self-growth (19:13)

  • Is empathy a learned skill? (20:31)

  • Being present and Increasing self-awareness (22:38)

  • Practicing gratitude (25:21)

  • Optimism versus toxic positivity (28:24)

  • Focus on the headset and the heart set, not the text set (29:51)

  • Top Five Tips for Leaders (30:21)




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Renée Giarrusso is a sought-after communication, leadership & mindset expert. She is a speaker, International award-winning author, facilitator,
educator and coach (PCC) who works with leaders, teams and organisations to energise mindset and accelerate communication, collaboration and leadership to lift performance and culture.


Her expertise is in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, mindset, communication, coaching and creating leadership presence leave her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results. Leaders who want to be limitless and live their legacy trust in Renée and her team to deliver interactive, informative, thought provoking and
relatable programs that bring learnings to life that are transformational, not transactional. With her highly developed skills in the area of learning reinforcement back on the job, she has the experience and understanding of what it takes to lead a high performing team and organisational culture.


Renée has published three books with her first book Limitless Leadership published in 2016 that was soon followed with the Leaders of Influence anthology. In 2021 she published her third book: Gift Mindset - Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution. This book won the USA Living Now Bronze Award in the Personal Growth category.

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