042: How to Communicate with Influence with Gary Edwards

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We live in a digital-centric world where we've, unfortunately, lost the art of effective communication. Today's communication channels have become increasingly volatile, uncertain, and complex, making it harder to collaborate and improve problem-solving within organisations. The pandemic certainly hasn't helped much either, but that doesn't negate the fact that effective communication is still one of the most crucial aspects of business success. 


As a leader, your ability to convey your message with meaning and purpose is extremely crucial in the workplace. Whether you're trying to communicate with a co-worker, the CEO, or an associate, you can take steps to influence others. But there is a problem; not many leaders know how to create a clear message and purpose. It's even more frustrating when leaders struggle to evaluate and tailor their communication to the proper occasion.


If you ever want to capture attention and spark behavioral change, you must be able to influence emotion and motivate action. We've all seen great communicators in action. And what they usually do is they command a room and articulate a vision. But how do they manage to be so engaging and persuasive? In today's episode of the Made for More Podcast, Gary Edwards shares strategies for leaders and entrepreneurs on how to have trusted conversations with their colleagues, clients, customers, and prospects. 


  • Getting to Know Gary Edwards (03:20)

  • Gary's Slow Transition from Law into Teaching and How His Family Reacted to it (06:19)

  • Defining Influence and Its Link to Business Success (09:35)

  • How Leaders Can Strengthen Their Ability to Influence Others (12:15)

  • Influence, Communication, and Negotiation in The Workplace (17:30)

  • The Link Between Poor Communication and Conflict in the Workplace (21:10)

  • Why Proper Leadership Starts Effective Communication (23:10)

  • The Connection Between Beliefs and Behavior (26:45)

  • The Most Overlooked Communication Skills in Leadership (29:17)

  • Gary Talks About His Favorite Magic Trick (34:08)

  • Top Five Tips for Leaders and Upcoming Leaders on Influence (37:49)

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Gary Edwards is a professional communication and speaking coach who shows leaders and professionals how to create the conversations that build their business – and improve their lives.


Gary is a self-described communication activist – he is passionate about showing people how to maximise their ability to communicate in ways which achieve goals and realise the potential in people, situations and organisations. His goal is to generate and share useful ideas, content and tools to help people be happier and more successful in all facets of their life.


Knowing what works to achieve goals and unlock potential in tough situations comes from Gary’s broad-ranging and unique career as a lawyer, negotiation expert, trained mediator, university lecturer and adjunct professor, business consultant, conference speaker – and professional corporate magician! All of these experiences have given him a unique insight into communication, influence, belief and how human beings make decisions.


As a professional communication coach, Gary has taught thousands of people how to pitch for funding, present their ideas and have them accepted, close deals, negotiate better outcomes and be more influential in any situation, and he is a speaking coach to some of the biggest names in conference speaking in Australia.


His skills and methods are based on personal experience, extensive research and an obsessive analysis of what works, what doesn’t and how to turn simple ideas into successful practice.

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