037: Critical Steps for Intentional Leaders When It Comes To Change Management with Dr. Ian Brooks

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Critical Steps for Sustainable Change Management and Long-Term Adoption


Change management is arguably one of the most critical factors that guarantee business success in today's rapidly changing world. However, managing change is tough. And postponing change can be detrimental to future success. Companies that fail to adapt and grab growth opportunities are most likely to be outcompeted by flexible competitors. Interestingly, part of the problem is that most organisations don't know what to aim for. Transformation initiatives lack intent such that five executives spearheading change in the same organisation will give you five different answers when asked about the objectives of change campaigns.


This begs the question, why do so many initiatives fail, leading to wasted resources, frustration, and distrust? Why do change promoters fail to attend to employees' healthy, authentic, and justifiable reactions to disturbance of their routines?


The answer: sustainability and intent. Although the last decade has seen an increasing number of organisations embrace the idea of change management, transformational practices are not sustained over time. That's why we're pleased to have with us Dr. Ian Brooks, a personal and professional development guru. He talks about the critical aspects of change management, leading with intent, and the power of a consistent work ethic.


  • Getting to know Dr. Ian Brooks (01:59)

  • Dr. Brooks' Passion for Psychology and Personal Development (04:45)

  • The Heart of Resilient Leadership in the Corporate World (08:28)

  • The Crucial Aspects of a Change Management Process (11:40)

  • Intention: Building Capabilities to Transform Your Story (17:45)

  • Why Change Begins with Personal Acknowledgement (21:47)

  • Building Capabilities for Work and Life (25:20)

  • Embracing New Routines and Behavior (28:20)

  • Top 5 Tips for Leaders and Upcoming Leaders (30:42)

  • The Power of Consistent Work Ethic (32:46)

  • Embracing Failure and Closing the Gap (34:03)



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