035: Women in Business Can Change The World with Tina Tower

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With most organisations preaching gender equality in the workplace, women continue to be under-represented. The reality is that, for aspiring women leaders, being hard-working, smart, and savvy isn't enough. Sadly, the situation worsens when it comes to entrepreneurship. 


When a woman plans to open up a business, naysayers often predict that the business is doomed to fail. That type of thinking is untrue and only promotes negative stereotypes. However, for women, starting a business still comes with its fair share of difficulties. For example, female entrepreneurs often lack access to capital and exhibit different mindset constraints such as risk-aversion, which impede business growth. Thus, for female entrepreneurs to succeed, it all comes down to personal traits, entrepreneurial skills, and how supportive fellow female entrepreneurs are towards achieving their goals. 


Men have been dominating the world of business ever since the industrial revolution. But the digital age gave birth to influential women like Tina Tower, giving rise to a whole new era of women in business. Tina is a serial entrepreneur, author, world traveler, and high-performance business consultant. In 2014, she was the winner of the Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year award and later named by Huffington Post as one of the Top 10 Aussie Women to watch in business. In this super exciting discussion, we talk about women in entrepreneurship, the pandemic's effects on the online business space, and how to hire new employees. 



  • Getting to know Tina Tower (03:52)

  • Things Tina had to unlearn after selling her business (07:27)

  • Women empowerment in the business world (09:20)

  • 100 women making $1 million a year by 2025 (13:02)

  • When and how to hire the right people (14:57)

  • Building your empire as a female entrepreneur (16:30)

  • Unique and profitable niches in Her Empire Builder (22:20)

  • The pandemic's effect on the online courses space (23:25)

  • Dissecting the million-dollar micro-business (25:35)

  • Tina's book tour party (28:10)

  • Top 5 tips for aspiring businesswomen and future leaders (29:40) 



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Tina Tower is an award-winning, serial entrepreneur who has founded, grown and sold several businesses and franchises. Tina has helped hundreds of people package their expertise in an online course and launch it into the world. Through her program, Her Empire Builder, she is on a mission to help 100 women build a $1 Million dollar are year business by 2025.

Tina is the Author of two books, One Life: How To Have The Life Of Your Dreams and Million Dollar Micro Business. Tina has won some cool awards like Telstra National Young Business Woman of the Year Awards and Australian BUsiness Champion and has been featured on the Today Show, in the Financial Review, on Sky Business and as a Business Woman to watch by The Huffington Post.

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