024: Happy Healthy Workplaces with Rosie Bartlett

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Every year, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month and Self-Care Day, yet it takes tragedies before people can talk about mental health.

Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding mental health issues means that millions of people worldwide suffer in silence due to the fear of being shamed.

The pandemic might have highlighted the need to have meaningful discussions about mental health, but there is still more to be done.

With this in mind, leaders need to adopt a new leadership style where they embrace vulnerability and create safe spaces where team members can be open about their mental health. 

Nonetheless, the first step towards a happy and healthy workplace is by focusing on self-care. Self-care is vital for building resilience towards life's stressors that can sometimes be overwhelming.


When you take steps to care for your mind and body, you'll be better equipped to live your best life.


With us today is Rosie Bartlett, founder of Mindseye Training and a principal master instructor with over 13 years experience in the mental health space. We discuss how mental health affects productivity, the importance of self-care, and how to create happy and healthy workplaces.  


  • Getting to know Rosie (02:05)

  • Defining mental health First-Aid (04:17)

  • How to create and develop happy and healthy workplaces (06:07)

  • How mental health care has evolved over time (07:05)

  • How the pandemic shaped our approach to mental care (09:50)

  • The link between mental health and your team's productivity (10:52)

  • Why happy and healthy workplaces are more productive (14:06)

  • The future of happy and healthy workplaces (16:28)

  • First-Aid protocols when dealing with mental care (19:39)

  • Rosie's go-to self-care regime (21:49)

  • Why leaders need to have a self-care system (25:29)

  • The importance of practicing self-care (26:58)

  • Defining boundaries from a self-care perspective (27:50)

  • Rosie's tip 5 tips (29:40)





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Rosie's passion lies in changing one workplace at a time through shining a spotlight on mental health.


She offers a variety of tailored and certified training designed to improve mental health literacy and build capacity in workplaces. 


Rosie challenges ‘stigma’ and normalises mental health challenges both personally and within a workplace. 


Rosie's training empowers people to recognise the early signs and symptoms within themselves and others, and to navigate wellbeing conversations with confidence, all while providing strong leadership and building a positive culture.