006: She Moves with Bridie Walker: Why You Need To Feel Comfortable Before You Can Stay Fit

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Fitness, especially for women, can be intimidating. If you have ever visited a gym or a Yoga studio and felt out of place, you agree with me when I say it can be quite overwhelming.


Most people tend to have the perfect picture of what fit should look like. However, what keeps you motivated is understanding the difference between how it feels and how it looks like. 


Looks can be daunting: training your mind to worry about feelings and who you want to be is the first step in getting fit. 


In this episode, we talk about how women can stay fit, how things change when kids come into the picture, disciplining your mind in all things fitness, and much, much more. If you are struggling to keep fit or looking for a partner to take you through your fitness routine, this episode is for you.


  • How ‘She Moves’ was born (1:10)

  • The real power of having a tribe (3:10)

  • Importance of the personal connection gym (3:24)

  • How it feels versus what it looks like (4:30)

  • Teaching about feeling good (5:58)

  • Future Pacing (6:05)

  • Focusing on post-workout (6:25)

  • Pride that comes with weight loss (6:36)

  • Things that kill your workout spirit (8:40)

  • Mindset Shift (9:30)

  • Childhood beliefs (11:00)

  • Curating your social media fee (11:35)

  • The importance of therapy (15:55)

  • You can’t see the label from inside from inside the jar (18:33)

  • The most important thing about Mindset (20:10)

  • Feeling before the action (22:20)

  • Feed the ego and give to the soul (22:39)

  • The onboarding process (22:46)

  • The Essence of commitment (23:30)

  • The online program (24:28)

  • Getting out of the funk zone (26:04)

  • The top 5 tips for people starting out (27:25)





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Bridie Walker is the owner/creator of She Moves. An Online Pilates and wellness studio dedicated to helping women transform their relationship with their bodies, food and exercise.

The Monthly membership program started in 2019 and has a growing community of fun, busy, women working on making and taking the time for their mental and physical health.

Bridie’s approach to health and fitness is much the same as her approach to life: "Make it fun, no time for BS, who cares what you look like… let's imperfect action.. together!"

She is passionate about helping women let go of the all or nothing approach to health and fitness and empowering them to build trust themselves so they feel strong, confident and free in their body for the long haul.

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