004: Courageous Conversations - what are they?


Show Notes

As a leader, you may have noticed that today’s workplace environment is both complex and demanding. You bound to face difficult situations, but how you deal with those situations will define you as a leader. So, if you’re having a hard time dealing with workplace struggles, it’s high time you had a courageous conversation.


Conversations with your team members can be awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes emotional, but you need to have them. Learning how to navigate through these tough conversations productively is crucial in maintaining that workplace relationship.

When dealing with a team member, you’ll need a calm head and a reliable approach to help you handle your team with care, empathy, and precision. In this episode, we look at the Top 5 steps to having courageous conversations and show you how to utilize them to your advantage.



  • What’s a courageous conversation? (1:24)

  • Why are courageous conversations important? (02:05)

  • Combating burnout in the workplace (02:50)  

  • Why leaders are uncomfortable talking to members of their teams (03:25)

  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable (04:02)

  • The 5 steps to having courageous conversations (04:13)

  • Getting on top of the stories you tell yourself (04:41)

  • Going on a fact-finding mission (05:18)

  • Starting with the end in mind (06:08)

  • Plan out your courageous conversations (07:10)

  • Having a courageous conversation (08:12)

  • Why it’s okay to pause a conversation and resume it some other time (09:50)

  • Everybody deserves a generous assumption (10:48)

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